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Early Childhood Education Programme Activities

  • Establishment of Early Childhood Care and Development Centres (ECCD)
  • Nutrition Support to Children at ECCD Centres
  • Advocate for access to inclusive education
  • Training of caregivers
  • Strengthen the capacity of ECD Centres
  • Construction of ECCD Centres

Basic Education

  • Bursary Scheme to needy Secondary school students
  • Provision of school supplies to needy students at primary and secondary school
  • Awareness creation of importance of education
  • Promote early child education
  • Go back to school campaign
  • Monitoring school attendance


Child Protection

  • Advocacy on ending Early marriages
  • Psycho social support
  • Training of children corner counsellors
  • Advocacy against harmful cultural practices
  • Promotion of Child rights
  • Promotion of child safeguarding issues

Adolescent Development

  • Establishment of youth friendly health clubs
  • Facilitate establishment of teen and youth clubs
  • Provision of sanitary pads to school girls
  • Capacity building on menstrual and hygiene management
  • Recycling and reusing of wastes

HEALTH Programme Activities

  • Training in HIV prevention, nutrition and positive living
  • Conduct monthly case management meetings
  • Link children living with HIV and Aids for Medical support
  • Conduct Young+ meetings (Group therapies for children living with HIV and Aids)
  • Provide Psychosocial support training to Children infected by HIV
  • Community Outreach on HIV Testing Services
  • Nutrition support to children infected by HIV
  • Life skills sessions

Gender, Human Rights, Governance & Social Acco

  • Programme Activities
    • Promotion of child rights
      - Community meetings on the rights of children living with HIV/AIDS
      - Community meetings on the rights of children with disabilities
      - Awareness campaigns on Gender Based Violence
      - Involvement of men to champion the protection of girls and women on GBV.
    • GBV prevention and mitigation interventions
    • Promotion of Social accountability through Community Score card
    • Development monitoring and advocacy for service delivery

Humanitarian response Programmes Activities

  • Distribution of relief items
  • Reconstruction of houses of disaster victims and psycho social support
  • Environmental rehabilitation

Livelihood and Food Security Programme Activities

Integrated/mixed farming (Livestock, poultry farming) Small scale irrigation

  • Provision of farm inputs e.g. seeds and Fertilizers
  • Permaculture
  • Nutrition education
  • Processing and utilization
  • Promotion of high value crops
  • Small scale business
  • Linking farmers to markets (Agri business)
  • Village Savings and Loan Schemes
  • Vocational Skills training programmes
  • Basic ICT training
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Training in Business management.